How to raise you business profile and meet New potential clients... without being pressured to give referrals

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Sophie Musumeci

Co-Founder of Real Entrepreneur Mums

Alison Valenti

Co-Founder of Real Entrepreneur Mums
"I love Real Entrepreneur Mums ... seriously!!! 
Each Real Entrepreneur Mum member has your back because they get it ... 
The juggling, unwell kids, working crazy hours to make it all happen." 
Michelle McDonald; Online Course Strategist 
"Not only I have a group of women who inspire, nurture and educate me on daily basis, but I have found new business opportunities that allowed me to grow my own business. 
It's empowering to be a part of such an amazing network of wonderful and creative women!" 
Viktoryia Tsymbal; Street View Creative Design Studio
Here's what you get in this FREE no fluff Training:
Shift #1
How to find your REAL tribe who really has your back so you can go and smash your goals
Shift #2
How to get rock solid confidence so you can put yourself out there and ditch the mum’s guilt
Shift #3
How to become highly recommended by creating raving fans who know, like and trust you
"I am a member of Real Entrepreneur Mums and one of their community leaders and I have been so blown away by the value that they provide. Alison and Sophie have created a network of communities that are supportive, engaged, and filled with like-minded, driven mums in business. I have never experienced a group quite like it and I know that it is a testament to how wonderful these two ladies are. Honestly - hands down, join - your business will grow as a part of REM.
Nicole Tewierik; Business Coach
"I love this networking group created by Alison Valenti and Sophie Musumeci! These ladies are a powerhouse and their energy spreads across communities to ignite all Australian women to collaborate in business together. The meetings are fun, friendly and real relationships form quickly and easily. Whether you have children or not, take a look. You will not be disappointed.
Sonya Furlong; Life Coach
STOP! So, who is this training for and do I have to be a Mum? 
Hell NO! We LOVE All Women!
Women who have
massive goals for their business and their life that excites and sometimes even terrifies them at the same time 
Mums who want to
unapologetically be both a mum and an entrepreneur, and learn from other mums who are doing it everyday
Women who believe 
they deserve to be surrounded by women who have their back and genuinely want to see them smash their goals
Women who are
tired of feeling like they are all alone and not focused on the right things to move their business to the next level
Alison Valenti & Sophie Musumeci
About Your Trainers:
Alison and Sophie are Relationship Marketing Experts who are helping Small Business Owners grow a supportive network around them and thrive both as a mum and as an entrepreneur.

Alison and Sophie launched Real Entrepreneur Mums in 2016 and has quickly grown it to a successful business with thousands of followers and Community Members. As well as being named as one of the 2018 Top 50 Small Business Owners of Australia

Real Entrepreneur Mums Mission is 
‘To build a global business that inspires and backs women to go after their dreams and smash their goals.’ 

Alison and Sophie have inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to gain the necessary skills and confidence they need to create, and grow a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding business.  

Alison and Sophie are both mums with backgrounds in the corporate world who believe that if you have the vision, the passion and take massive action - anything is possible. 
"Real Entrepreneur Mums is such a great group! We're not only supporting each other in our local community but also supporting each other in a wider group across all states in Australia. Great to have different professions in each group, so we can learn and support each other. This is not 'just another' networking group. I highly recommend the REMs group.
Vanessa Choi; Online Marketing
"I love being part of the Real Entrepreneur Mum community. It provides a real sense of belonging and an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other awesome local business women. It certainly helps to develop and strengthen your networks, push yourself to succeed in business and surround yourself with a fabulous bunch of women who have your back.
Melissa Alagich; Photographer